Custom Design

Custom Guitar Design

Ipanema allows you to personalize your guitars introducing the Ipanema Custom Design Guitars.

How it works:
1. during the checkout indicate whether you’d like to receive a classic or acoustic guitar. Upload the picture of the design you’d like to have painted on your guitar.
2. Receive a digital preview of the guitar with your custom design;
3. Once approved the digital design, you will be receiving your customized design guitar, hand-designed.


The Wireless Integrated Microphone

Ipanema Custom Designed Guitars come with the wireless integrated microphone.

This is a big innovation when it comes to classical guitars as they normally require you to buy external mics. These are not only expensive but – with the exception of the professional ones – they also suffer from background noises reproductions.

Ipanema guitars, instead, connects the integrated guitar microphone directly with an audio receiver with a 100% background noise remotion, and with a great quality sound.

Ipanema guitars adopt 2.4G high-frequency wireless technology, which allows 35M stable wireless connection and guarantee loud, clear & high fidelity sound transmission.